About Us

Although we’ve updated our name, The Animal Doctors have actually been looking after pets and horses in the Pakenham region for over 30 years!

By providing health services for our local furry friends for such a long time, we feel a strong connection to our community and its families. We are committed to not only providing the best possible veterinary service available, but also to make a contribution to our community.

Local residents can rest assured that we are here for the long haul. Not only are we committed to keeping the furry members of our community healthy, we also invest in local people, businesses and activities.

When you choose The Animal Doctors, you know that your pets w ill be cared for throughout their lives by a friendly and expert team of veterinary professionals. One of the things that sets us apart from other clinics is the work we put into maintaining a detailed history of your pet’s health. In this way, we can efficiently pinpoint areas of concern and treatment options, saving you time, money and worry in the long term (not to mention improving the quality of your pet’s life!) 

We are committed to continuously improving:

our services

  • the treatment and care of your pets
  • the working conditions of our team
  • the service we provide to our clients, and
  • promoting responsible pet ownership within the community.

You can read about the commitment we’ve made to passionate pet owners in  “The Animal Doctors’ Difference