Surgical Procedures

Our surgical facilities include isoflurane anaesthetic machines, a purpose built surgery table, theatre lights and fluid pumps which deliver intravenous fluid support to your pet. Our surgery is a completely sterile area and we use an autoclave to sterilise instruments before each and every surgery, ensuring the safety of your pets.

We perform a large range of surgeries including desexings, lump removals, intestinal surgeries, exploratory surgeries, caesarians, amputations and cruciate ligament repairs. These surgeries are performed daily and are booked in at your convenience.

As with human surgery, our veterinarians scrub up, and wear surgical gowns, masks and caps.

Every anaesthetic has a fully trained veterinary nurse monitoring throughout the entire procedure. We also continually monitor blood pressure, ECG, heart and respiration rates and temperature in every patient. This ensures the highest possible standards of care for your pet and makes every anaesthetic safer.