Horse Vets

The dedicated equine arm of The Animal Doctors @ Pakenham provides professional and caring veterinary support to our clients and their horses.

Our horse patients are only looked after by experienced equine vets and nurses who are absolutely committed to providing the highest level of care and expertise. All equine veterinary care is overseen by Dr David J Clemence BVSc, who has dedicated his 23 year veterinary career to the healing and wellbeing of performance and pleasure horses.

Horse owners can trust in David’s expertise; your horses are being treated by a vet whose work is 100% focussed on horse health. His dedication specifically to horses means more accurate diagnoses and advanced treatment regimes, which means that you and your horses will be back on track sooner!

David has looked after the horse population in the Shires of Casey, Cardinia and Baw Baw for 18 years and thus understands the pasture concerns and hazards unique to this region. Over this time he has built up a trusted and expert network of both national and international specialists and service providers, including farriers, trainers and rehabilitators.

David has completed further professional development in the following areas: geriatric medicine, nutrition, equine veterinary dentistry, performance horse management, deworming strategies and horse farm management and safety. David presents regularly on his subjects of expertise at veterinary conferences and seminars.

The Animal Doctors @ Pakenham offers a 24/7 emergency service to its equine clients. Please call 59 413 822 and listen to the message if you have an equine emergency. If the call is not an emergency, please consider bringing your horse to the clinic – see the advantages here