Pets in Pakenham & Officer

The Shires of Cardinia and Casey are great places to enjoy spending time with the furry members of your family. Having been established for over 30 years, The Animal Doctors are able to help you with any information you may need about keeping pets in Pakenham:

1. Registration and Microchipping

It’s really important that all dogs and cats over the age of three months are registered with the council. If your pet is registered and it goes missing, it has a much better chance of being returned to you.

Also, since 2007, all dogs and cats must be microchipped before they can be registered with the council. Please call The Animal Doctors @ Pakenham if you need your pet microchipped. This easy and painless procedure can save much heartache if your pet ever goes missing.

Information about registering your pet can be found here

2. Where to walk your dog off the leash

There are several parks throughout the Shire of Cardinia which are designated as off-leash dog parks. In these parks, dogs can run freely and play without restriction, provided they remain within 50 metres of their owners.  Regulations regarding pet control, registration and litter removal still apply and it is important that dogs remain under the effective control of the owner at all times. Any dogs behaving aggressively towards other dogs should remain on a leash.

Pakenham and Officer

Reserve Location Melways ref
Don Jackson Reserve Far end ofAhern Road, Pakenham 317 E3
RotaryPark South of Princes Highway and east of Warwick Bayley Oval, Pakenham 215 K5
Lilliput Lane Reserve Lilliput Lane, Pakenham 315 H10
Simon DriveReserve Simon Drive, Pakenham 317 F7
Hammerwood Green Reserve Hammerwood Green, Officer 214 B

Emerald and Cockatoo

Reserve Location Melways ref
Pepi’s Land Kilvington DriveEmerald Puffing Billy Walking Track 127 F5
Alma Treloar Reserve Corner Bailey and Pakenham roads, Cockatoo 311 G6

Koo Wee Rup

Reserve Location
CochranePark Western fringe Koo Wee Rup township

Garfield and Maryknoll

Reserve Location
GarfieldReserve Fourteen Mile Road,Garfield(South of the sports oval)
Marrakilla RoadReserve Melway ref: 304 A10
3. Lost your pet?

We understand how distressing it is when your pet goes missing. Here are a few helpful hints to help recover your pet.

  • Contact all your local vet clinics
  • Contact your local council ranger
    • Cardinia: 1300 787 624
    • Casey:
  • Contact the animal shelters
    • The Lost Dogs Home (South Eastern Pound): 9702 8055
    • Peninsula Animal Aid (RSPCA):  5978 6706
    • Keysborough Animal Shelter: 9798 8044
  • Check the Lost Pets’ Database:
  • Check with your neighbours. If it’s a cat you have lost knock on your neighbour’s doors and get them to check under houses, in sheds and in garages as cats often get accidentally locked up!!
  • Don’t forget a local leaflet drop and signs on shop windows

What do you do when you find a lost pet

Bring the pet in to us. We will scan them for a microchip. If they have a microchip we will hold the pet until the owner is able to pick them up. If the animal does not have a microchip, we will contact the council who will collect the pet and take it to the shelter.

4. Pet hazards in the area


There are a number of snakes living in residential areas. If your pet is bitten by a snake, call us and bring your pet in as quickly as you safely can.


Foxes are regularly sighted throughout the rural and residential areas of Pakenham. Foxes are not timid and roam through suburban areas at night. If you have rabbits, guinea pigs or chickens protect them from foxes by ensuring they are safe in cages at night time.