Ducks @ Lakeside

Many visitors to the Lakeside Estate at Pakenham enjoy feeding the ducks and swans that live on the large man-made lake at the centre of the development. This can be a fun activity for both the birdlife and visitors alike and, it seems, the ducks and swans have come to expect plenty of hand-delivered snacks throughout the day!
However, much of the food that is tossed to the birds is not suitable for their long-tern health and we continue to see sick ducks and swans which are brought into the clinic by concerned residents and council workers. Often, when they are at this stage, it is too late. Our vets recently tried to save the life of one of the lake’s beautiful black swans but unfortunately the bird had to be put down (see article below)

We have to remember that these are still wild birds and should not rely on humans to supply them with food. They still need to learn to be able to look after themselves. If you would like to feed them, please make sure that it is a good quality duck food, suitable for their diets and their little tummies. If you would like further information, please contact the clinic for advice.

Please leave the bread and table scraps at home.